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Movies The Compass


not a plastic bag
alrgiht, not to start a fight or anything. But, I have received alot of emails about this new movie "The Golden Compass". This is based on a pro-atheist Children's Trilogy. The Golden Compass is sort of the lesser atheist based of the stories, but eventually the story turns very much pro-atheist.

This story has been validated on snopes.com:
Urban Legends Reference Pages: The Golden Compass

So, if you don't want your kids exposed to the atheist religion, you should avoid this. If you are a secular progressive and this is what you want your kids to believe, more power to ya.

Personally, I am rather excited to see it come out. I sense there is a current of discontent rising about this movie. I think people will quietly avoid the movie (at least in America) and the producers and stars are going to be left wondering what happened. People just don't want to see messages woven into movies, especially kids movies.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
I don't want to get involved in an argument, but I want to clear up a point.

atheist religion
Atheism means, literally, "Without religion."


not a plastic bag
I thought a=without and theist=God. But, I see your point. That was really more of my church language slipping out. I feel that everyone has a religion, some people worship themself, science, nature, etc. But, that is more of a technicality and I can understand why an atheist would say he is not religious.