The common misconception about introverts

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    When one hears the word 'introvert', the image of a silent, anti-social loner conjures in the mind. For ages, introverts have been perceived to stem from the socially maladjusted type, tending towards misanthropy while engulfed in their solitude. But why is it that introverts are often associated with shyness and the lack of personality? Could it be an inferiority complex working both ways, causing extraverts and introverts to justify their respective behaviors over the other merely because of the disparity? The exclusivity and duality is apparent in the introvert-extravert spectrum; severe cases of the two traits reside on polar ends to each other, creating a continuum that can only be traversed in a linear manner. Hence, the further one travels along the spectrum to one end, the more one will perceive radicalism and backwardness in the other. With this reasoning, it is effective to conclude that social behavior and acceptability are entirely subjective, and can be perceived in many different textures, almost like a work of art.


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    As an introvert, I endorse this.

    I'm not anti-social. I don't fear social interaction. I just don't crave it like extroverts do. I can reach my full potential (in a variety of meanings) without others.

    Extroverts and introverts don't understand each other particularly well, as the way we fit in a social system, being social creatures, is one of the most core characteristics of humans. Introverts tend to view extroverts as shallow and needy (I think this, though I try to push it out), and as stated here, extroverts think introverts are incomplete and misanthropic.
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    It's just that extroverts see the guy who doesn't like sitting with others and assume he's shy, or there's a reason others aren't sitting with him.

    Odd thing is, I consider myself an extrovert, but I have a roommate who does just this to me. I can tell he's honestly do it to be nice too, which almost makes me feel bad to find it annoying.
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