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The Colony is a experiment on the Discovery Channel that basically takes survivors of a theoretical "apocalypse" and puts them into a colony for 10 weeks or so. It pits Colonists with varying personalities against eachother and forces them to work together as well as various outside threats.

I find it a great show of survival. All it needs is Zombies and it'd be the best show on television, no joke. The thing that makes it great is the personalities. They clash and it makes for some great tv, and they make some ingenious technologies and other fun stuff. Anyone seen it?


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One of my new favorite shows. I keep missing it, though.

My favorite character is Joey Sciacca. He's almost the leader, and he was a contractor. Dude's the coolest.


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I watched the first couple episodes and couldn't really get into it. I guess urban survival just isn't my thing.