The collapse of manufacturing

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    The financial crisis has created an industrial crisis. Taken from The

    The article goes on to say/ask what the governments should do about it.
    You can read more at the above link.

    My question is as follows:
    If the governments are not able to bring the industrial crisis to an end would do you think will happen?
    Will humanity find themselves back hundreds of years to when farming/sheparding were the main occupation of the people?
    Where technology and growth in that respect will come to a halt? Where manufacturing needless items for sole survival (which basically means food and shelter) will be no more?

    What are your thoughts on the subject?

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    The industries are slumping, they may not recover fully but they will find a substainable medium.

    At the moment supply out strips demand but as more business go under this trend will soon reverse. We will start to see hyper inflation as the manufacturers have to make their monies from the limited few they sell, the mass has been taken out of mass-production. Monopoliosing and capitilisation will also creep into certain sectors, it is becoming apparrent that it is the very big and very small who are really suffereing through the current crisis. If half the 9000 ~Chinese toy makers have gone out of business, that is half the competition eliminated already, consumer power will not be as powerful as the selection is limited.

    Second from this I see unemployment being a problem, I think we will struggle to create new jobs and when we do they will be mechanised, this crisis is in someways a giant spring clean. How we over come this I have yet to think of an answer.

    No, the industries are slumping they are not ceasing to exist, some sectors are even booming. I think part of the current problem outside of the financial crisis is that we have become over-productive, combined with reaching the end of a natural revolutionary boom that we have seen in post-modernism. For example if I were given (£$€) 10k tomorrow I would struggle to spend it, I have a nice TV, I have a good computer, I have a car etc....... I have bought all these things in the last 10 years, I simply do not need to buy new ones, we have saturated the market, what else can we sell/buy. Sure I will need to replace all those items at somepoint but that will produce a steady stream of consumers and not the hoardes we have experienced in the last 50 years, especially in the last 20.

    But there is hope on the horizon.........we have yet to exploit Africa. there are a lot of people there who will soon be wanting all the shiny goods that we have got used too.

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