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Rant The Colin Kaepernick Conundrum: Politics Free (No Jebait)


Problematic Shitlord
This is going to be some reeeeal simple shit and I don't care about his inane woke social commentary.

I'm about fucking done hearing about this dude. Why does it blow people's minds that NFL teams have zero interest in him? I mean, the guy sued his former employer ... and won. Why the flying forty-ninin' fornication would ANY owner go within four miles of him? Besides, if the NFL is such an evil and terrible place, why is there such a push for him to be "let back in"?

That's another thing, there is no "let back in". The dude went after the league, they settled, which is essentially a win for him. Great, move on. It's amazing how nearly every week some bloated sportswriter rinses his mouth with Kaep's balls and laments the poor oppressed millionaire's plight. To his credit (and maybe I just live under a rock and never saw this) I don't see Kaep himself pushing these narratives but you certainly have to wonder how he is STILL talked about as if a return was even plausible.

Did your QB just blow out his knee? Maybe he retired? Well, sounds like a job for a guy who will instantly divide your locker room with his presence alone who also happens to be a shit QB! Perfect! Brilliant! Why haven't we thought of this before? Oh wait, we kicked out paint-drinking habit a few years back. That might be why.

Kaep is not coming back and the sooner these hacks looking for bait clicks realize that, the sooner we can get back to ignoring brain damage.



Embrace the Suck
This is so spot on, I don't have a damn thing to add. Well said, my friend.