The Cockpit


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The Cockpit is a series of 3 OAVs focusing on three separate stories of the tragedy of war. The first, Slipstream, follows a Luftwaffe pilot who must choose between his duty to his country: to guard a bomber loaded with Germany's final hope of victory, the world's first atomic bomb - or his duty to the world, to let it fall in flames to enemy Spitfires and be a footnote in history. Of course, things are complicated by the plane's other cargo ... the woman he loves.

The second story, Sonic Boom Squadron, follows the pilot of an Ohka bomb, the purest kamikaze desperation weapon of the Pacific war. He once dreamt of flying a rocket into space, but instead he is to fly a rocket into an American ship for the glory of Japan. If only they would have let him live another thirty years ...

The third story, Knight of the Iron Dragon, is set on the Philippine island of Leyte, where a rusted old motorcycle tells the story of two Japanese soldiers who returned to a captured airfield to fulfill a promise, a promise that neither could ever keep.

Based on a manga by Matsumoto Leiji (Captain Harlock, Galaxy Express 999) and directed by three of Japan's finest anime directors, Kawajiri Yoshiaki (Ninja Scroll), Takahashi Ryousuke (Armored Trooper Votoms), and Imanishi Takashi (Gundam 0083), these are stories of what it means to be a human at war.

Content Rating: 15+ (violence)