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Love this guy. He takes old exploitation films or generally crappy films and reviews them as if they are real films and he is a critic.

He does lots of other stuff and characters but "The Cinema Snob" is his trademark and my favorite. He has "snobbed" over 80 films, and just going through the list makes you cringe... Keep in mind all the films he reviews are REAL and were released for sale by real companies in that condition.

Brazilian Star Wars, Nail Gun Massacre, Black Devil Doll From Hell

He is fucking hilarious.

Most of his recent videos posted are collaberations with other critics like him from the interweb so I suggest you go to the sidebar on the right scroll down where it lists all his categories and select "the cinema snob" it will list all 88 films he has snobbed so far (in order of snobbing) and you can select a title that sounds interesting :D

Main site: The Cinema Snob
Archive of all CinemaSnob material: The Cinema Snob: Category Archive for The Cinema Snob

Not sure if this website supports videos that aren't youtube....and he was kicked off that place twice D:

I'll cross my fingers and hope I can post one of the reviews right here if not it will just link to it: The Cinema Snob: Porno Holocaust

Keep in mind the newer one of his videos is, the better the quality (when it comes to the camera used)

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