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Sad The character and the person


I really like Ozzy Osbourne's music. I don't think anything special of his biting heads off bats or other such stunts. I just dug his tunes. But when I saw his reality show I just shook my head in disappointment and disgust. If this lame duck show was any indication, Ozzy the person was just some slummy classless douche-bag. I would rather have not even known that. But never the less I still like to play my Ozzy CD from time to time. To many people, Ozzy is now that mindless doink from that reality show, but for me, Ozzy the rock icon, and Ozzy the person are two different entities. One is a character, and one is a foul mouthed yutz. If I let the person destroy the character he created, I am also letting him destroy what they have contributed to who I am.

Another, perhaps better example, is Bill Cosby. A friend of mine from Netherlands approached Cosby after a stand-up show and Cosby went off the deep end like some kind of nut. I was quite surprised to hear this. Bill always struck me as an amiable sort, but I suppose that was just part of the fictional alter-ego he took on when on stage. The differences between Mr. Huxtable Cosby and actual Cosby became more glaring recently in light of all the sexual assault allegations brought to bare. So my feeling is this... Screw jerk Cosby, I still like Mr. Huxtable Cosby. I will not remember his hilarious stand-up routines and lovable dad character any differently now that I know the person behind them is a creep. If I did, then who loses? Me. The Cosby show was part of my childhood and therefore is part of me.

My question is this... Have any of the celebrities you liked growing up later turn out to be something far different from their on-stage persona? If so, how do you feel about them now? Would you still be able watch/listen to and enjoy their material?

- Chameleon


Free Spirit
Staff member
I think often celebrities aren't what they portray. People need to learn not to idolize these people. Sure some are great people but you really don't know anything about them except what they want you to know which could be fake.


not a plastic bag
Growing up I loved the group N.W.A. Listening to them when I was young, I always assumed they were their songs. Meaning they were all in gangs, they all smoked crack and even they were all involved in various illegal activities.
After the group broke up I learned more about the members specifically Dr. Dre and Ice Cube. Its always been odd to me that these 2 in particularly are highly intelligent, motivated and philanthropic guys. Just because of the age I was when I first heard N.W.A. and my assumptions, I've never been able to really process that.
Its like; Oh wait, are you telling me N.W.A. was just an act? You guys really weren't smoking crack and shooting rival gangs? :) I know it seems weird but I just can't wrap my head around that.