The Cell Phone Craze

How important is your cell phone to you?

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Anyone else believing into this new thing called the cell phone? Apparently it
s supposed to really take off. Guess my pager investment went south.

Seriously though. On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being "You use your cell phone like a bodily function" and 1 being "You have a cell phone but could care less about the color, features, you hate texting, etc", how important is your cell phone to you?

I voted 2. I like having it but I don't care about ringtones, built in cameras, text messages, email, or web on my phone. I ONLY use it for talking and that's it.

Please vote in the poll! :)
I'm the only adult I know without one. I hated being that accessible.
My girls always know where I am, so if there's an emergency, I can still be contacted.

So 1-10.....I guess 1


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I only really use it for talking and it's nice to have in case of emergency, but I could definitely live without it.


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If I didn't have one, I couldn't talk to my girlfriend who is about two hours away from my college, so it's pretty important to me.


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10, because without it, I would be late for everything

and i would be bored back stage.
LOL! I just called you man. Good talking. :D

[sarcasm] Guys EXQ is actually a chick. That's a heads up that would have made that conversation less awkward... ;)[/sarcasm]
I voted 2. My main use for my phone is to get the time when I'm not near a clock. I rarely ever get calls or call other people. Most of my communication is via AIM probably.