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The Case of the Missing Members Mystery


Registered Member
I don't know where to ask this. . But I have been looking at some old posts on the board and I noticed some of these members never posted again. Some of these past member posted some very good things. Well currently I'm trying to post more recent things. Sometimes even old ideas can be discussed again. Maybe with a different view since the last time. I mean everyday we talk about the same things over and over.

Here are some names I had noticed that seems to have disappeared from this pop malt forum. I'll tell you the names I saw on these old posts I was looking at. .

One named Sim. Looks like this guy is good with history facts. . Sure could use someone like him here. I like to learn new things. . Next is The_ Chameleon. He seems to be well read in books. I seen his name in various topics. He seems to be well rounded off. . Now is dDave. I saw him in the exercise category. I want to start exercising. Seems that this dDave would be a good person to talk about work outs and things. I asked mirage to remove one of my posts. Does anyone know what happened to these posters in the past?. . Also remember another poster I read about named Smelnik. Doesn't seem mirage is here all the time. . I wonder who else to ask to remove my religious post I had started that has no replies.

Anyway what happened to all the members that used to belong to the pop malt. . I like these posters. I went back to see who used to be here. I wonder why they don't come here anymore.

Can anyone tell me what happened to these posters that used to be here? I have a feeling these guys would like to post to my things or vice versa. I would also be posting to their things. So even though I never knew these people or posters I am concerned. Once you start reading their posts it's almost like you get to know them in person you start to get attached. I got attached to reading these posters from the past. So that's why I am wondering where they're at today. Who has the answer(s) for this?


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
People move on, unfortunately. I was a big fan of @Sim and I wish he was still here, but I do not believe you will see him at any time at this point.