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The Carnival Cruise


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So I guess this last Carnival cruise was anything but ....a carnival.
The power went out the first day and passengers, over 3000 of them, had to go without hot water for days.....no lights....and at the end, eat salads and Spam and Pop-Tarts.
Yeah, I can imagine how scary it would be to be drifting out in the middle of the huge dark waters on a boat with no power...but the good news is, they are home now.
And Carnival picked up the tab for everything.
Even gave all the passengers a refund for this cruise and told them they would all receive another cruise for free, should they decide to try again.
It was half and half last I heard.......half saying no way in hell would they cruise again, and then the other half saying, sure, they'll go back again.
I mean, what's the chances of that happening all over again??
So, if you were a part of that cruise, would you go back and try again??


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It would be tempting, but I think I wouldn't go back on another cruise after that. I don't think I would ever do business with them again. And besides there is not going to be that many people that has enough vacation time to take two cruises.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
I was on this same cruise 3 months ago!!! Same ship, same crew, same destination (mexican riviera). I'm so glad it didn't happen during our batch coz it would have ruined any idea I have of a cruise (it being my first time) and never try it all ever. But if it were my 2nd or 3rd cruise, I will still do it again and enjoy the refund and freebie next cruise. I know that this is a rare thing.


Where is my Queen?
I would demand a refund and take the free cruise and never do business with Carnival again. Yes I would still go on cruises, but not with Carnival. It is ridiculous what happened that day and I am glad that everybody made it back ok.