The cancer that is killing GF


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That's the point I was trying to make with mine, hence the "Where Do I sit with you", it was a joke :rolleyes: since I had to explain it... clearly not a good one.
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This shitty ass fad should be taken out behind the barn, raped, stabbed in the heart, raped in the stab wound, murdered, then raped again.


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Well mal... lets see where do you stand with me? :hmm:

I think the debate is still up. Lately I've had more time to interact with you, seems like you've been contributing alot lately. I'm still not sure whether you're male or female...but I'm guessing you're male. I dont have really any issues with you at the moment, so you're in good standing with me.


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i know i dont have any room to talk seeing as i had a big contribution to it but damn its getting a little outta controll