The Broadway Production...

Well, for our Band trip to NYC, we're seeing a play on Broadway. And it's the Phantom of the Opera. Anyone out there who could tell me how awesome it will be? Cause I am quite the fan of the movie, but I think seeing it live will be even better.


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Depends on the cast, really. I went and saw it live and it was awful. Christine was obnoxious, Raoul was a pansy, the Phantom was perfect, and Meg Giry was nasally and ABSOLUTELY terrible.

But I also know people saw it and it was AMAZING.

I.... personally hated it on broadway but I had a bad cast that night... so... it could go either way.


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I haven't seen either. I want to sooo badly and you must tell me how awesome it is when you get back from your trip! Ugh.

I wanted to see RENT as well. But I have only seen the movie.


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Xx - When I saw it on Broadway, it was simply amazing. I became obsessed right after. You lucked out with that choice. Funny thing is, I saw it on a high school choir trip! Haha.

Iris - Rent is awesome. I've seen it on Broadway twice. Very good.