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The Braying Rock Chick


Registered Member
Just been listening to two of my favourite bands with this sort of singer.

The Horrorpops.
The Distillers.

A hip rockband for one. With someone who warbles the words HEY! and WHOA! a lot.
A punk rock medley for another.

The second, seems to create music made perfect for driving to.
The first, seems to incorporate speed and style to great effect.

Love them both.

Anyone else like these?
Anyone have suggestions for similar types of female vocals. Of the rock genre. With a great lump of style and flair in their act?


Registered Member
Thanks for the recommendation. I think I'll check them out a bit more thoroughly at some point.

You're right, her vocals are pretty amazing and I suppose I ought to mention that she's absolutely stunning too (imo of course) - I like the delicacy of the verse, and the sudden burst into chorus. She carries the song better than it probably would be if someone else had done it. She's got a good pair lungs :D