TV The Boondocks is officially my new favorite show (spoilers)

And here's why:

Just now they aired a new episode of the show where Riley (the younger brother with the braids) got called a "nigga" at school by his white 3rd grade teacher. As you can imagine he and granddad thought it was necessary to sue the whole school and bring up a whole bunch of drama over the N-word and such. Fortunately Huey (the one with the afro) was the sensible one who kept hitting the nail on the head about it, because I feel the same way.

Hell they even had Ann Coulter (not the real one) on the show and on CNN.

Ah, now that's good satirical TV.
Here's the whole episode, which will probably be gone by the end of the week:

YouTube - The Boondocks "The S-Word" FULL Episode
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