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Movies The Bodyguard (Remake)


Son of Liberty
I was actually a big fan of the original movie from back in '92 I even listen to the Soundtrack to this day. In fact Kim swears she's gonna have my best man and I sing a duet from the soundtrack at my wedding. -_-

Saw this article today... it kinda disturbed me. Because the movie is such a timely piece, I'm not so sure that a remake is really necessary.

The original starred Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston and spawned one of the biggest ballads of all time, "I Will Always Love You." It entered on a former Secret Service agent hired to protect a world famous pop singer. While initially uncomfortable in her glitzy world, the man eventually falls for her, compromising his ability to protect her.

The original was written by Lawrence Kasdan and was the first script written by the scribe, best known for penning Raiders of the Lost Ark and The Big Chill. It was meant as a vehicle for Steve McQueen and Diana Ross.

In the remake, the story would be updated so that the man would be a former Iraqi war vet trying to protect his client against an Internet world, in which stalkers can track stars on Twitter, Gawker Stalker, Google Maps and countless other sites.

Warner Bros.' Sarah Schechter is overseeing. It's too early in the process for actors to be announced.

Warner Bros. to Remake 'The Bodyguard' - Yahoo! Movies
Have you seen the original? What did you think of it?

Would you watch the remake?


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
I love the movie and the soundtrack. Whitney and her songs were absolutely fantastic. I cannot imagine a remake that could be better. It's tough act to follow. Either the plot will be good but the soundtrack a fail. Why can't they just do another movie without riding on the Bodyguard fame. After all, lots of movies have similar plots.


Registered Member
I did see the original, I adore Kevin Costner. And altho the song Whitney sang was first recorded by Dolly Parton (I Will Always Love You)...Whitney did a grand job.


Problematic Shitlord
I read that summary and vomitted a bit. You know, right in the back of my throat.

Protects her from the internet?

Who the hell is the villain? 4chan? This can't be legit. Is it April yet?


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I enjoyed the first one, I thought it was great. I haven't seen it a while, got to watch it some time. The soundtrack is terrific like it's been stated already.

I think having a remake would be terrible, like Ysabel mentioned it would be hard to follow the original. Surprisingly Costner and Houston had great chemistry on screen, which is the biggest reason why this movie was so great.


aka ginger warlock
I really really hate the idea of this film. It sounds way too complicated for it's own good. The original was a good film because the story was simple and a heartfelt. The new doesn't even sound like it could even be consider a remake but simply a film trying to capture some publicity by using the name.