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The Body-for-LIFE Challenge


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You may or may not have heard of Bill Phillips. He's the author of Body for Life, Eating for Life, and most recently Transformation.

Transformation - Welcome

He has quite a bit to say about workout routines and diet. I did the "Body for Life" challenge a few years ago but only paid attention to the working out part. I didn't change my diet at all. Around a week ago I started doing it "for real" this time around and have been paying close attention to what I eat as well. One of the big things for me was cutting out empty carbohydrates such as breads and cereals. I used to eat up to 8 sandwiches a day and 5 or 6 bowls of cereal. For the past week or so I've had no bread or cereal whatsoever, and have replaced those meals with things like eggs, oatmeal, with fruits and vegetables. So far I have already lost 5 pounds (not taking into account any muscle gains).

There is actually an ongoing official Body for Life Challenge with a $25,000 grand prize: Body-for-LIFE Challenge

Here are some examples of what people look like before and after doing this 12 week challenge: Body-for-LIFE Success Stories

Has anybody else here ever tried his ideas and philosophies for getting in shape? What were your thoughts?