The Blues


Do What Thou Wilt
Damn. The blues is by far the most amazing music I have ever fucking heard. The blues is this almost magical expression that transcends what most people think is music, and taps upon the soul, and draws from that and it touches your soul too. You can feel the burning passion and wonder how the fuck anyone could feel that. How could someone feel such pain, and turn it into something beautiful and harrowing and so utterly evil at the same time. One can only imagine the pain a blues artist has felt, and the best way to do that is listen to their music. And its only listening to such suffering for a while that you realize you suffer with them, and its incredible. Nothing else I have ever heard can touch that, and nothing else will.


The Rock is cooking atm..
I don't mind blues actually, it is somewhat good to listen to depending on your mood.

I'd classify some of John Mayers work as blues, one of his songs "Gravity" is a good example.

B.B.King has an awesome set of songs such as "How blue can you get" which is a pretty nice song, sadly it's about infidelity, but