The Blues official thread


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if rap/hip hop gets its own thread, the blues deserves one.

Does anyone have Sirius satellite radio? BB King's Bluesville (Sirius 74) is awesome. Every once in a while they'll play multiple covers of a song. Most recently it was Smokestack Lightnin. I really liked the Yardbirds' version, but my favorite will probably always be Howlin Wolf's

YouTube - Runco's Weekly Music - Howlin' Wolf - Smokestack Lightnin'


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I use to listen to the Watercolors station on XM. That kind of smooth jazz, I can listen to. I can't do straight up blues. I'm a folk guy mostly.

I can listen to alternative blues stuff, like modern singer-songwriters. Mostly the female lounge type singers. Namely Katie Melua, Nick Cave, and Melody Gardot.


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A really good family friend is friends with BB King, so I've met him a few times.
I'm definitely a fan.

Muddy Waters.
Billie Holiday. <3
Nick Cave.

My Dad and I sometimes consider Eric Clapton blues-y.


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Unfortunately I've never given the Blues a chance. I've heard a few songs here and there that I enjoyed, but I never expanded my search when it comes to the Blues.

If anyone could help me get started by posting a few songs that they enjoy it would be much appreciated.
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I love John William Coultrane's Soultrane record. He was actually the reason I chose to play the saxophone in high school. Simply, a brilliant composer. My favorite has to be "You Say You Care" Again, I'd love to put the video up, but I'm in class :D
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