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The bird flu


O N03Z!!! 4 /V0Z!!!
Are any of you worried of this hitting america? It has killed many people in other areas of the planet and is said to hit America at the end of August. What do you guys think on this desiese?


Likes snow
I wont be worried really, until it mutates and becomes capable of transferring between humans.


Ms. Malone
It can pass from human to human, but humans usually get it when they're around poultry a lot, like farmers.

A.M. Radio

Fact is the actual threat is minimal, and the media likes to play it up like it's the plague or something.

No, I'm not afraid. Okay, I'm about as afraid of it as I am of terrorists. Afraid enough for me to mock people who are afraid. Which is clearly none at all.


Likes snow
Pugz said:
It can pass from human to human.
Oh, I didn't realize it could.

I'm not really afraid anyway though.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
This is not the same thing but here in Canada we have Mesquitos that have a disease and if they bite you, you have a bir risk to die, about 20 people in Canada died from it so far, and we have over 1000(not quite sure of the exact number) of birds died as well.


I'm probably not going to worry until there's actually an outbreak. I'm currently under the impression the media is pointlessly drawing attention to the "bird flu epidemic". When it first appeared, I heard the B. Flu was hardly contagious. Over the past few months, small talk about the illness became rumors of a potential disaster.

Anonym0uz Bitch

I dont see a problem, people just blow shit way out of proportion like AM was saying.


Problematic Shitlord
Sensationalizing some minor threat is a good tactic when trying to divert people's attention for more important matters. It's literally a cover story, because it covers other stories that certain people want ignored.


A Darker Knight
I don't think anything major's going to happen. just a little over-hyped