TV The Big Problem With Internet Television


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So sites like Hulu, etc. get you TV on your computer for FREEEEEEEE

and who doesn't love that?

but how they gonna pay for it?

well, ADVERTIZING, of course! and that's fine. I have no problem with it, in fact, I'd rather take a 30 second commercial at the breaks than 5 minutes of ads.

but you know what I hate? when its the same ad OVER and OVER and OVER again. you can only take so much!

so I advise advertisers to get in on the internet TV thing, and get some frikkin' DIVERSITY in the ads. because I'm sick of these ads!


that is all. who's with me!
Actually, it's a smart idea. The ad gets stamped into your mind, so you think about it everyday and every hour! Buhahaha

I don't mind it as much. 30 second of the same ad, or 5 minutes of different ads? Both suck, however I'll take the 30 second one, please. ^_^
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but those thirty seconds add up! I mean, I was watching the Daily Show and the Colbert Report at, and I was catching up, so I was watching multiple episodes. but at half an hour each, (25 minutes more like) and three commercial breaks a pop, I got hit by the weirdly cut version of the U2 Blackberry commercial 6 to 8 times an hour. and now I can never listen to that song again without wanting to kill small puppies.

fail in advertising if you ask me


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Yah, I agree with the OP. I understand that repetition gets it stuck in your head, but it does so in a bad way. I think that if each commercial is about the same product (only one product sponsors each show), they should have different ads for that product each time.
To see multiple ads, the company needs to have multiple sponsors for the show you watching. only then you will find different ads in the break.


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No they don't. Let's say Coca-Cola is the sponsor for your show. Well, Coca-Cola doesn't have to have the exact same ad air each time, do they? They can make three different ads to air once each.


There is a bigger problem with Internet Television: We don't bloody get it in England!

I don't think I would mind the same Ad over and over again though, unless it was some really grinding annoying Ad. If it's only 30secs, then it's a lot better than 5mins of annoying Ads.


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I'd rather the same 30 second ad than a 5 min block of ads any day.

The few times i've watched t.v on the internet there has been one ad at the start of the show then the entire show ad free! And seeing as I only watch one show at a time, and only if I missed it on the t.v it doesn't bother me in the slightest.


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Well I guess I have to agree although it's something I can easily get over for the convenience of online streaming. That and the fact many of the anime streamed that I love will not likely ever make it (back in the case of the first one) on TV like One Piece and Ouran High School Host Club.

The commercial that annoys me the most is that stupid Axe commercial with that guy that has water shooting out of his arm pits. It's disgusting and incredibly annoying.

I'm also not a big fan of those "interactive" commercials. They're not very responsive.

Plus occasionally there are problems with the streaming itself where the ad will go over the content itself (I've only ever seen that happen on Crunchy Roll.). And also I'm oftentimes not happy to watch an ad for a video I had to reload due to errors with the streaming itself.


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After being on some of these sites I don't think I can ever forget Orbit.

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Who else has seen them all over on these types of sites?

(And hey I actually have tired their gum in the past and it's pretty good stuff. :lol:)