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The Big Heavenly Change


New Member
Ok, this is the prologue a story/idea I came up with at school when we had a lesson free, and after written a couple words and sentences, I just couldn't stop hehe.

So first things first...

If you're religious, this might not be the best thing for you to read.

There's some Hebrew words/sentences in this story. I don't speak Hebrew, but I looked up the translations for the words in Google and other webpages, so please, please forgive me if I've written anything wrong, or if the words mean something completely else! Please do tell me what I have (spelled) wrong. :)
Google can't always be trusted hehe.... ^^;

Well... Here it goes! :)


”Where are you going?” Michael stopped walking, but didn’t turn around. He knew that voice – it belonged to the last person he wanted to see at the moment. He listened as the steps of the other man came closer to him. He heard him stopped then the man laid his hand gently and Michael’s shoulder.
Ha-chever sheli, do you really want to do this? You know that once you do it, you can never turn back.” Michael turned around to face the other man, studying him. He had blond, slightly curly hair that just passed his shoulders. He was wearing a simple, white and timeless robe over his fit body, his broad shoulders softened by the softness of the fabric. Michael lifted his gaze and met the other, beautiful man’s hazel brown eyes. When he saw the pain and sorrow in the man’s eyes, his own eyes softened.
“Gabriel, I’ve had time to think of this for quite some time now. People down there are suffering because of us. They are asking, begging, praying for help from us. We have to take responsibility. Someone has to, especially when no one else seems to take it. I’ve made my choice, Gabriel.”The look the blonde gave him was filled with hurt and worry.”But why you, ahuvi? My Michael?” Gabriel’s hand on his shoulder had never moved while they talked, but now it tightened. Michael returned the pained look.”Ani ohevet otcha. But as much as I hate it myself, I have to do this. It is my duty.”
Gabriel’s face sunk.”Tei-yerinkeh Michael…” He lifted his arm and stroke Michael’s curly, brown locks.”Come back with me. Let’s forget all about this, hmm? Come back to me. Ani ohevet otcha.” Michael lifted his arm and gently took Gabriel’s hand.”You know I can’t, ahuvi.”
Gabriel sighed and withdrew his hand from the other man’s grasp.”You can never turn back.” He said, the pain starting to show in his voice, like it was strangling him.”I know.” Michael said softly. Suddenly blonde’s face hardened.”What will become of us, when you are gone? Heaven will change drastically if you leave. You have a responsibility here, as well. How can you abandon your duty here? How can you abandon….me?” He was looking at Michael like he’d never seen him before, but when he said the last word, his voice was trembling. Michael sighed.” Heaven is changing now, ha-chever sheli, whether you want it or not. Everything is changing, including us.” He looked at the blonde sadly.” I wish I could say to you that everything will be okay, and that nothing will happen to me, but I can’t say that. No one knows what the future might bring. Maybe not even Him.” Gabriel looked outraged.”Michael! How can you say such a thing? You know he cares about us. ” “Then why does He let all of this happen? Making the people down there suffer?” He said bitterly. “If it continues like this, mankind will gradually die out, leaving everything behind. Animals can survive on their own, yes, but can they really survive without men? Can men survive without animals? I don’t think they can.”

Michael took a couple steps back, still holding Gabriel’s gaze.” I have to do this, ahuvi. I will not stay here, watching, as the people suffer, and begging us for help. I simply can’t do that.” He was about to turn and walk away, but Gabriel’s hand on his shoulder stopped him.”Ani ohevet otcha, Michael. Lo nishkach.” Michael didn’t say anything, and instead started to walk towards the portal. As he came to the portal, he stopped, turned around and looked at Gabriel. Said man was looking at him, his face full of sadness and worry. “Yitron ha'oni: kroveikha lo marvikhim davar mimotkha.” He said. Michael didn’t answer, instead he turned around.”Soon, before you know it, you’ll see me again.” He said, trying to let his lips form a small smile. He turned and stepped into the portal. As the world behind him started to disappear, he heard Gabriel say:” Hopefully not because you’re being cast ou--“ Michael flinched.

As he stepped through the portal, thinking of Gabriel and the others. What if he had made a mistake? Michael landed on the other side with a soft thump. No, he thought, this is the right thing to do, it’s what any other true Guardian would do, right? His thoughts were interrupted by a voice he hadn’t heard since The Fall, but how he’d missed it!” Are you having second thoughts, ha-chever sheli?” Michael turned around to face the Fallen Angel with a small, sad smile on his lips.”No, not yet.”

Please tell me what you think about it. :)

And no, I'm not trying to be blasphemous or anything, this was just an idea, a thought I came up with. Please forgive me if I offended anyone by writing this. :)

And once again I'm sorry if I got something wrong in Hebrew..... :)