The big fat Fatwa debate

Is it right for believers in one religion over all others, to condone and regularly participate in the act of asking for a person to be killed in the name of that religion for whatever reason? I think of it like an organised death-threat.

Whoever you are and whether you’re religious or not, you will most likely face a situation where you really do wish death on someone. However for most people it’s only in extreme emotional circumstances, such as wishing the death of someone who murdered a close friend or relative. Even in these circumstances, this feeling rarely lasts forever, and in some cases forgiveness is granted, even if the person was not religious at all.

Saying that…How can the Islamic tradition of issuing a Fatwa requesting someone to be killed, usually in such a barbaric manner as beheading, be accepted in today’s society? There are a few questions I want to ask:

Why it is not done in any other religion apart from Islam? (At least none that I know of)

Does the Quran not talk of offering forgiveness to people who do you wrong, rather than getting revenge by having them killed? (I have seen mention of forgiveness in the Quran but I’ve only seen a very small part of it)

And finally, why is the sentence often very much greater than the crime? (i.e. someone says something that offends the Muslim religion in some way and a Fatwa is issued for the death of that person.)

I thought about this subject after participating in the “The meaning of Jihad” thread, so I’ll make a small disclaimer before posting this. I know that the meaning of the word “Fatwa” does not just mean calling for someone’s death, and that it can encompass many things. The definition that I have is: “[FONT=&quot]Islamic decree: [/FONT][FONT=&quot]a formal legal opinion or religious decree issued by an Islamic leader” [/FONT]So my main intention is not to a discussion of the meaning of the word, however I’m not saying that we can’t have a discussion about that also.
I think that Islam is possibly the most mis-understood language in the world, even to it's own followers. I can't say much about it, but it looks a lot like Christianity did back during the Middle-Ages.

The Islamic religion preaches heavily on peace, or atleast the Quran and the original religion did. Unfortunatly, people today, only see the extremists. After all, they are good news arn't they? It's like any other religion, in my opinion, they are several beserk followers, who put a bad mark on the religion.

For the most part, I don't think you're going to find a lot of Fatwa (pertaining to death sentences) occuring, well, atleast let's say percent wise. Islam is one of the largest religions, and so they number of bad apples is quite large.

I don't think that it's truly a good, desirable, action. (Obviously) I don't think they have the right to kill a person, because they speak out against Islam, but like I said before, I like to compare Islam (of now) to Christianity (of the MIddle Ages). There are a lot of extremists running around, using the religion to gain power, and putting a choke hold on everyone around them.
Using religion, racism ect to exercise barbaric impulses should be halted wherever it is found .. its the 21st century now .. we need to stop hiding behind dark age mentalities & face each other on equal terms .. no excuses for hate Imo