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    The Bible Code or Torah Code is as I understand, a numerical structured code containing hidden information, predictions and sacred messages within the Bible and or Torah.

    Bible code - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    I find this theory interesting, but I see no real "structure" to it, it looks more like a crossword type of hunt to find or make any meaning to it. But maybe I just do not understand it.

    Do you believe there to be any validity to this Bible Code?
    As someone who does not understand this "structured" code, can you explain it in simple terms so I may have better understanding?

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    I read a book called The Apocalypse Code a few years ago (I have it around here somewhere) that only broke down the Book of Revelations. I found it interesting but it just seemed like the author was trying too hard to find a code, know what I mean? I don't put too much credence in it but find it interesting to research nonetheless.

    Oh, and to give it a basic explanation, he would take like every 6th letter or something like that and talked about how doing that consistently would form sentences and clues as to predictions.
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    There is a German author who did similar things: First he "found" the Nostradamus Code (an alleged code in Nostradamus' famous centurials), soon, he would find a "code" in Goethe's masterpiece "Faust" (he claimed Goethe had included notes for an opera in his stage play) and eventually, he, of course, had to find a special "code" in the Bible too. His name is Manfred Dimde.

    If you ask me, it's a perfect example for quacksalvery or charlatanery. His methods are more than arbitrary, as far as I can tell (I just had a look on his "work" with Nostradamus) and they don't stand the most basic scrutiny. His strategy is that there are enough people who are willing to place their trust in a questionable authority like him (he claims to have several doctor's degrees, IIRC), then buying his books to make him money, but apart from that pathetic attempt at "appeal to authority" fallacy, there is not the slightest reason why anybody should place any meaning to his methods. It can only look scientific for people who have never had the slightest contact with real science.

    And if there was anything to it, real scientists would have acknowledged too, and this "Bible code" would have been no less than a total revolution of 2000 years of theology. A milestone in Western history. This has not happened. I think it's obvious why.
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    I remember when the code books came out someone did one with War and Peace and Gone w/ The Wind just to show you can develop a code from any piece of literature.
    My thing is if you read the books of Daniel, Ezechiel, Revelation and the Gospels along with a good study guide you can know exactly what the Bible says about the future and end times. There's just not really a need for a decoder.
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    I don't buy into the Bible Code at all. As far as I'm concerned, those people behind it need to spend less time watching Sci-Fi, and more time actually reading (note, READING) the Bible for what it is.

    The future is foretold in the Bible as MIT mentioned. People would be better off heading the words of those books than trying to "reinterpret" the Bible to have it say or predict things that they want it to.
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