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Ms. Malone
This is a prologue i just wrote for a story i was thinking of doing with some friends from college, if they want to help. The two characters in the prologue are real, the plot isn't...we hope...

Anyway, this idea came about when i made a joke that one of the tutors could be a serial killer, we pray i'm wrong!

So...excuse spelling errors, grammar and shortness and like...leave a comment...please *looks all cute so you can't resist*

The Bet


They met in the empty room Monday evening, Tall and Small, and each sat in a vacant seat. Tall studied his schedual for the next day while Small marked assesments with a deep sigh. Another student had failed. Tall began to write something, scribbled a word out, and corrected himself. Each worked in silence until Small decided to speak up.

"Who do you have tomorrow morning?" He looked up from his marking and tapped his pen on his desk.

"Second year, Group A." Tall replied in a flat tone. "Right up until dinner."

"How are they doing?"

"A few are doing fine in transmissions, it's electronics i'm worried about. Only two of them passed the first exam, i think."

"They're an alright group." Small nodded. "But don't you wish you could...y'know..." He made a strangling motion with his hands. "...with them?"

Tall nodded in agreement after a glance in Small's direction. "With a few, yes."

Small thought for a second. "Why don't we?"

"Why don't we what?" Tall looked up from his work for the first time since the conversation had started.

"Y'know." Small suggested with a sly smile. "Make our job easier...and more fun."

"More fun?" Tall's brow rose with interest.

"C'mon, you know how boring it can be here so let's make things interesting!" Small stood and strolled across to Tall's desk, leaning over and resting his palms on the table top. "Just the ones we don't like, or that are seriously failing."

Tall shook his head and returned to his work. "We'd never get away with it."

"Of course we will! No one will care about a bunch of stupid teengers or jobless adults in re-education." Small drummed his fingers on the desk. "It'll be easy. You know you want to." He teased.

Tall looked up again. "How would we do it?"

"Anyway we want. " Small straightened. "Whenever we want, and let's make it even more interesting." He smiled with raised brows.



"Rules?" Tall questioned.

"Just two. It can only be Group A and you can't kill them on these grounds." Small smiled. "And to kick it up another notch let's face off against each other."

"You mean..."

Small nodded. "See who can kill the most, there's what....twenty-eight?" He stuck out his hand. "Are you in? Because if not i'll have to kill you." He joked and watched as Tall thought it through, he tapped his pen on the desk then nodded, taking Small's hand in a firm grip.

"I'm in."


A Darker Knight
woo. I smell lots of fun coming up. It sounds interesting to say the least.

just wondering... does Tall join just because he wants to or because Small "joked" about killing him?