The best way to quit a bad habbit

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by merob, May 8, 2006.

  1. merob

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    Recently I've decided to stop drinking and smoking.
    About a year ago, I got stressed out and began smoking cigarettes. Over time, the cigs were roughly replaced with marijuana usage. . For the past few months, I've been smoking every weekend, consistantly. I realize my habbit picked up pace lately. My values, and healthy environment began to decline. Aside from the given, this behavior is risky, being I have family and friends who wouldn't approve. With school, and athletics involved, this maybe a very chritical point in my life. I've decided recently to lay off the goods, for at least a while. NO more drinkin', no more freaquent smoking.

    Excersize helps. Everytime I get the urge, I hit the gym and start joggin. Late nights I'll do cardio, or lift weights. Work is a good way to put off stress.
    Studying. The process seems as if it'd add more stress from a glance. However, I've often found studying relaxing. This way I'll get school work done. I'm not sure if this alternative is for every body.
    Finding other things to do. Visit a park or museum, or participate in an activity. It'd definately help to keep yourself distracted. There a lot of times I felt like smoking because I lacked other things to do.

  2. There's always two methods that can be applied to almost anything (from quitting substance abuse to going vegan):

    1) Quit for 3 weeks - Stop drinking/smoking for 3 weeks. I know this can be hard but if you have the will power to stop drinking and smoking for 3 weeks, then what stops you from quitting entirely?

    2) Gradual stop - It depends on how much you smoke/drink... If you smoke like a 2 packs of cigs every week, try to cut down your intake. One week set your goal to 1 pack. The next week only smoke half of a pack every week. Next step to try to cut it out entirely. It depends on how gradual you want to take this method.

    I got pretty bad with smoking once. I stopped and now I just smoke a pack of cloves every now and then... I go through a pack in like 2 weeks or so.... so I smoke less than a pack a month. ~_~
  3. Nevyrmoore

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    That would be called going cold turkey, and is one of the hardest ways of quitting a habit. I prefer the sound of a gradual stop, and if you smoke, start using patches etc.
  4. merob

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    "cold turkey" would be the best method for myself. Back when I was smoking cigs, I gradually slowed down. After a while I became comfortable with my preportions, and with out noticing, my smoking once again became more freaquent. I could try using that method, but I'd have to stop all together at some point.
  5. Yeah, going Cold Turkey probably wouldnt be such a great idea.
  6. oxyMORON

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    Gradual stop may be the best way. slow and easy

    also having someone relianle to help you might be smart too
  7. Any time I want to get rid of a bad habbit I replace it with another (less destructive) one.
  8. CHEW GUM!!! haha, that or cold turkey
  9. SenatorB

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    Cold turkey is DELICIOUS.

    Just every time you crave it, find something else to distract you.
  10. Babe_Ruth

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    Just try to keep yourself busy that you wont think about it, that's the only way I can say to be honest with you, the best way would be Cold Turkey, but good luck my friend.

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