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The BEST video to come out of last week's Tea Party


not a plastic bag
YouTube - Barrett booed at Greenville Tea Party

I love this. This makes me so proud of the the state I grew up in (SC) and my conservative brothers. Rep. Gresham Barrett (Republican-SC) voted for the TARP and decided to come to a tea party to tell us how bad the Democrats were and he got booed off the stage for being a fiscal liberal. It was merciless, man - I swear some of those people would have strangled him if they could. :lol:


Secret Agent
Staff member
The best part about this is that it shows that it wasn't an anti-Obama or anti-Liberal/Democrat event. He got owned pretty hard. I did agree with some of the stuff he said but hopefully he'll have a wake up call on his spending.


not a plastic bag
The Republican party just has no idea what they're dealing with. This guy thinks he can come before the crowd and deliver an anti-Democrat message and everyone will be back on his side. The message of the tea parties that Republican party should have gotten is show fiscal restraint or we're not voting for you anymore. 100 Democrats in the Senate? - That's fine with me.
And really, anyone that thinks the parties were hatched by the Republican party has no clue.


Son of Liberty
That is a really cool video and good to see. It does show the tea parties have nothing to do with the Republican parties. At my local tea party, everyone talked about throwing all the incumbents out. I have no problem with that, and no problem with 100 Dems in the Senate, if they prove to be fiscally responsible.