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The Best Music: Love


Problematic Shitlord
Welcome to my new series of Best Music threads! - This time around, give us links and descriptions of those tunes you play to swoon those you love or simply to feel romantic. What are the tunes you play to get in that funky mood? Maybe not baby making music, but love songs. I know some of you may not believe it, but I'm hopeless romantic and I love the mushy moments in life, they make you feel alive don't they?


A description is not a single sentence, this isn't TV Guide. If you're going to post single links with a few words then go don't post. Try to post at least two to three songs!

Anberlin - Inevitable
To me, this song sounds so innocent and clean and so much like love itself that I don't know how else to describe it. It's light, airy and the lyrics have a cheeriness mixed with a bit of a strange sort of elegance. One evening with my ex, we put this song on repeat and simply went to bed. I don't know why that's my favorite memory with her, but something about this song definitely added to it.

Elvis Presley - I Can't Help Falling in Love With You
Prepare to get classic with me. I've always had a soft spot for the musical styling of The King himself and this has always been a favorite of mine. His voice matches the tone perfectly and the rhythm matches up perfectly as well. To me, the song feels 'comfortable' if that makes any sense.

Lifehouse - Everything
Whenever I find myself alone and thinking of a special person, this always seems to come on in my head. I love how it starts slow and grows into a stronger, more powerful song by the end. Call it cheesy or cliche, but I simply love this song when I'm feeling like a mush.

How about you? What are you romance songs?


A Darker Knight
Yellow by Coldplay is one of my favorite love songs and one of my favorite songs ever. It sort of bothers me how I still can't figure out what yellow has to do with anything, but I've mostly gotten past that. The lyrics and melody are so inspiring. It makes me feel like I could actually do extraordinary things "for you".

I first heard Book of Love by Peter Gabriel on the last episode of Scrubs, and I just felt like bawling. They paired this song with a montage of the main character's vision for his future. Oh what the hell I'll just link that too. You'll understand.


I don't listen to a whole lot of songs dealing with the good side of love, but there are a couple...

David Gray - Be Mine - YouTube

Can you have an "our song" if you're not actually together? Haha. Probably not, but if that was possible, this would be mine & a certain female's song. I listen to this every so often & it instantly makes me think of her.

Staind - Tangled Up In You - YouTube

This song reminds me of Jasz, so I guess I could've posted it in the other thread. But I'll go with how the song made me feel before shit hit the fan. Staind is one of my favorite bands & I really like this song.


Where is my Queen?
The first was the first song that I have ever slow danced with a girl with and the only time with this song. Really special moment for me.
Eric Clapton More Than Words - YouTube

This song is a song that I really love. I have only really loved a girl once, and this song gives me hope and I hope that I can play it for somebody one day.
Bryan Adams - Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman? - YouTube

And this song I want to be played at my wedding if and whenever I get married. Also one of my all time favorites.
Aerosmith - Angel - YouTube
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Lion Rampant
Love is something I know a little about. It has many stages and many moods. Here's a thumbnail sketch:

In the very beginning is

Cautious Courtship,

leading to the breathless miracle

Of Human Bonding.

But at some point a woman might just want to be taken by the arms and passionately kissed until all of her stored-up desires are released. A moment like this might be time for (no, not "A Moment Like This", but good guess):

Les Big Guns.
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