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Movies The Best Joker Actor?

The Best Joker Actor?

  • Mark Hamill (Batman Animated Series)

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Ok, now that Batman "The Dark Knight" has introduced Heath Ledger and Christopher Nolan's version of "The Joker", which Joker do you think is the best?

The candidates for best Joker are:

Jack Nicholson:

YouTube - Batman89 - Joker Electrocutes Gangster

YouTube - Batman89 - Joker shoots his Boss

YouTube - Batman89 - Joker Mirror Scene

YouTube - Batman89 - Joker Kills Guy with Pen/Punches TV/Woos Viki

Mark Hamill:

YouTube - Mark Hamill Laughing

YouTube - Makes you want to laugh, doesn't it?

YouTube - Mark Hamill on the Joker's laugh

Heath Ledger:

YouTube - Latest The Dark Knight Clip

YouTube - The Dark Knight - The Joker crashes the party

YouTube - Heath Ledger talks about the Joker


I have not seen TDK yet so I'll hold my vote until I see it. I will say that they are all very well done and unique approaches. It might make sense to automatically vote Heath Ledger because of all the recent hype but seriously try to think it through and decide for yourself which Joker persona YOU liked the best.

If you haven't seen TDK yet please do not vote for Heath Ledger, or better yet don't vote at all until you have seen all three of the above actors. I've included clips but really there's more to these characters than can be seen in just brief clips.


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When I think Joker, I think Mark Hamill's Joker.
So I'mma go with that
I'll vote after I see TDK though
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Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
I voted Heath without thinking much about it. I really think that he'll top the other two (and damn, those are hard shoes to fill).


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I think of Mark Hamill's Joker too. I loved the cartoon and he totally nailed how I've always imagined the Joker sounding when reading the comics.

That being said I don't think the ultra comic hyper joker works quite as well in a more realistic movie. The Jack Nicholson Joker worked because Tim Burton's Batman wasn't quite as realistic as Nolan's. Jack definitely delivered a knock out Joker performance.

I have high hopes for the new more psychotic version of the Joker. I really think this new version could be a whole new way of looking at the character and I'm looking forward to seeing it tomorrow. Heath may very well get my vote.
I have now seen the Dark Knight and have posted my thoughts on Heath Ledger's Joker in this thread.


That being said my vote goes to Heath Ledger.
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Problematic Shitlord
Don't for get Romero (Adam West's Batman era) as the Joker.

However, Ledger took it, hands down. The guy was fucking phenomenal and he actually blew away my expectations and those were skyhigh.


Sultan of Swat
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Hands down Ledger is the best Joker, I was a huge fan of Nicholsons version of the Joker, but after watching Dark Knight last night, it's not even close between the two. Heath does a wonderful job as The Joker, he's insane, he doesn't care about anyone, he's just a perfect Joker.


Alfred :: Gotham Hero
I voted for Ledger, he blew me away. and his crazy, psychotic laugh, brilliant.


The return shall be legenday!
I'm going with Ledger's joker as well. The way he sold the role to the audiance was amazing. He convinced everyone who's watch the movie that he's insane and would scare the shit out of anyone. I know I'd shit my pants if I ever met him. One word to describe is acting as the Joker: BRILLIANCE


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Mark hammill was excellent but I voted for Heath Ledger because he actually had to act it out rather than just with his voice, though some will say that voice acting is harder than just regular acting.


blue 3
Ledger hands down. The guy was sick, twisted and scary. And at the same time he made you laugh. Jack Nicholson was a great joker, but he was more comedic relief than sick freak. Ledger...just ledger. Wow.