The Best Introduction Thread Title Possible?


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So we've had many different Introduction thread titles here at GF but which has been the best and does anyone have the perfect thread title or just one they made up themselves which they think is pretty good?

Personally I think something along the lines of "New Venture" is quite cool. It stamps some sort of intent on things and makes it sound like you'll be sticking around for another taste of the action.


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I like to check out the introduction threads that stand out, something new that says the person is new. It bores me to see same old thread titles and intro's all the time. But I guess there can only be so many.


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I liked Tucker's "Does this look infected to you?" It caught my attention right away... lol it wasn't an intro thread... but it was eye catching anyway.

But new intro thread titles hmmmmmmmmmm

I like the "Let Me Grace You with my presence" one. Kind of stands out :D
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I always liked the people with egos who post things like "One small step for me, one giant leap for GF". :lol:

Those are usually the people who stick around. The sarcastic titles usually go side by side with a good newbie too.

It's hard to be sure though and there is no formula for predicting a good newb or not. I've seen people post a "I'm New" intro and stick around, and I've seen people post a "GF's ship has come in" title and leave after 1 post. No way to figure it out exactly.


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I agree with Tucker. That was just unique to me and really stands out in my mind.
These are my favourites from the first few pages of intros, because they're different but not trying too hard.

None of them have really stuck around and become active though :-/ maybe one. So I agree with Hybrix... I mean, my intro was "hello!" and I'm still here.
I'll just throw in my intro title for consideration; 'Nibbles the noob' or something along the lines of that. Still, catchy titles give the impression that the newbie had put some thought into their intro and plan on staying for the long run.
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I like the ones that catch my eyes. But even if a thread title catches my eye, and the person has a grammar error in all of his words in his introduction, I won't reply because I know he won't stick around. Which isn't a bad thing to be honest.