The best in the world/hate each other

Discussion in 'Sports' started by StroShow, Feb 21, 2010.

  1. StroShow

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    If any sports team were built with the best overall players in their respective sports, but who also cant stand each other...would that team have any chance of winning the championship? Please explain answer.


  2. Major

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    Assuming the players could put their differences aside and play hard, then they would have a great chance of winning a championship. I think chemistry is overrated. Sports are all about effort, talent, good coaching, and unselfishness.
  3. SqueakScolari

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    I think it depends on the sport and how much you rely on teammates, but while I value chemistry as an asset, I think talent trumps all. Kobe and Shaq were not exactly cuddly during their time together but still managed to dominate the NBA for a great deal of time.

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