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The best frags ever


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Staff member
What do you mean? Which game, or generically which areas in games..

I'd say sniping people and causing them to fall.. if that's what you mean..

Although there's something to be said about the melee to the back in Halo as well after sneaking up on someone.


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Yeah, I would have to agree with the frags in meleeing for Halo. I also like when you kill someone with a gun and they are dangling for something.


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He means which game. I like the Halo frags because you can throw them a mile, but they're not really as strong as I'd like them to be. I don't really like the ones that just kinda drop from you hand, they usually kill me.


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Some of the frags in F.E.A.R are pretty clean. I love it when you blow someone into pieces by a grenade or shoot someone in half after nailing them with a shotgun from point blank range.


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Jak X: Combat Racing has cool ones. Things go boom. Always good when things go boom. Making things go boom while in the air after a gigantic jump and zooming through the wreckage? Classic.
The crashes in the Burnout games are awesome. It's very satisfying to sideswipe a competitor and then watch the flaming wreckage that was once their car barrel roll through the air in slow motion.