The Best Eye Color

Best eye color

  • Blue

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  • Light blue

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  • Green

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  • Emerald Green

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  • Hazel

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  • Steel Grey

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  • Steel Blue

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  • Light Brown

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  • Dark Brown

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  • Other (please specify)

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Registered Member
I picked other 'cause I have six friends with totally weird eye colors...mostly combo's of colors up their. My friend Marísia has brownish-greenish-grayish eyes, and my friend Stacie's eyes look brown with a somewhat reddish tent to them...

If I had to choose, I'd pick totally weirdo exotic-looking colors, 'cause those capture me the most. But mine are like brownish dark-greenish. You can definitely see both in there. So that makes ... Breen? Grown? o_O;;


Undead Intellectual
Any eye color can be good. I've meet maybe two people in my life with amazing eyes, one was blue and the other was green. I don't specifically it's the color that sweeps a person of their feet, it's the look in their eye and everything else like their smile.