The Best Eye Color

Best eye color

  • Blue

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  • Light blue

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  • Green

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  • Emerald Green

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  • Hazel

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  • Steel Grey

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  • Steel Blue

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  • Light Brown

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  • Dark Brown

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  • Other (please specify)

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Pretty much self explanatory. Please dont everyone vote 'Other'. If something is close, go for it.

Personally, I'm a fan of the steel blue eye color, it's like staring into freedom, like staring into the sky, as if I was twisting my body and around me my chains broke.

Unfortunately, I have emerald green eyes. I like them but...

Steel blue is magnificent.


A Darker Knight
I like all eyes except for the really light gray ones. I picked dark brown just because that's the color of my eyes, but really I don't mind. Sometimes the dialated pupils freak me out so dark brown eyes are harder to see. :D


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Nothing beats light blue eyes on a woman, it just does something for me. I can't look away from 'em.


Nefarious Kaizoku Capt'n
Malificus said:
My favorite color for eyes is one Blue and one Green.

Have a friend of mine at school with those eye colors, it's addicting to look at them and teasly freak him out sometimes lol ^^;

But my fav color would have to be Emerald Green eyes. It's like staring into the ocean at times when it has that really green color too it, somehow I feel intimated by that. Blue eyes are ok too, but I see too many of those around and that kinda takes teh shine out of looking at them, But when I see really dark Blue ones they are worthy of staring and getting to know that person. Sometimes and eye color depicts a person though I believe like their months, but that's just me thinking >>;


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I have Dark Brown eyes, but I also like a chick with blue eyes. I can stare in it for hours.

I voted blue.