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Greetings movie goers.

Tonight we are going to discuss.....:death:The Best Death Scene Ever :death:

So who or what will it be. keep in mind that this is not limited to Horror and SciFi. There are some more than memorable death scenes in Dramas, Action and Comedy's too. So lets explore them all tonight...Shall we.

So what are some of your movies that qualify for The Best Death Scene Ever!
(((If you can add videos go for it ,But no more than 4 )))

Final Destination 1-3 All the Death Scenes were just Brutal.

YouTube - Final Destination Best Moments

YouTube - The best part of Meet Joe Black!

I already know what ones I consider the best, but what do you Consider The Best Death Scenes Ever!


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Wilson!!! :shake:

Seriously though, the first one that sprung to mind (I'll add more when they come to me) is the scene in Cruel Intentions...

When Ryan Phillippe's character died. I didn't see that coming! It added a great twist to the film and I enjoyed it a lot more because it was more real.


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I haven't really thought about it so I'm sure there's plenty that will come to mind after posting here. Now that you mention it, that Joe Black scene was something. :nod: I also like the scene in Amadeus when Mozart was in his death bed. His very last act was still trying to finish his composition of the Requiem Mass in D Minor but he didn't have the strength to write anymore so Salieri had to transcribe it for him (not an easy task) and see the work of a genius in progress....while also knowing that he has a hand in this madness.


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And the TuckerGently nominee for Best Death Scene is: Mr. Creosote's explosive demise from Monty Python's The Meaning of Life.

Hahaha, I just got the pun, 25 bleedin' years later: Monty Python's (Monty Python is) the meaning of life.

Anyway... the whole thing is a 'gut-buster' to me, but it really picks up at about 4:00. if you've never seen the film before, give the clip a look. If you have seen it before, you likely need no urging to watch this classic bit again.

There are a whole bunch of great death scenes, so I'll try and narrow it down to some of my favorites.

Firstly, the chest burster scene from Alien. It started the entire legend.

YouTube - Alien First Chestburster

I also really like Davids death in Shaun of the Dead. So hilariously over the top.

YouTube - ShaunOfTheDead-DavidsDeath

There is also the 'axe scene' from American Psycho that is great in my mind.

YouTube - GREAT SCENES - American Psycho

Lastly, the infamous "eye gouge" scene from the movie 'Zombie'. If you have a weak stomache, might wanna skip this one.

YouTube - Lucio Fulci's "Zombie" - The Eyegouging Scene edited by me

Those are just four great ones off the top of my head. There are so many great death scenes out there.
Evan's death in Final Destination 2 for the build-up was a pretty good death scene. Once you get to the end of it, you think he's going to live, but nope - dead. >.<;

I also thought Final Destinations 3's death of the friends in the tanning bed was pretty disgusting and had to be in the top 3, at least.

Finally, I might have to think about that kid getting smashed by the glass window in Final Destination 2. That just looked painful. Yikes!

Final Destination really did some great work with the death scenes, and I'm glad Final Destination 4 is coming out in 2009.