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The Best Day of Your Life


Registered Member
What was it?
Is there a day you can remember, that you consider the best day of your life? How come? Maybe it's something really obscure, or picked out for a reason most wouldn't hold sentimentally... It can be anything.

Also, seeing as you're still living - if you have a best day chosen and remembered - what sort of day do you think could top it? - If anything.

Discuss this stuff as you please.


I don't have a best day of my life.
I've just had many many good days, I guess like eveyrone.
Can't really think of a day that stands out the most.


Registered Member
I don't have a "best day of my life." I can however tell you about one day that was happy for me, brought tears to my eyes, and that was the day I watched one of my grandchildren being born. Having had all my children thru c-section surgery, I was put to sleep, and never watched them being born. But in 2005, I watched my first natural childbirth, my granddaughter Kaylea was born and it was an awesome experience. I cried.


Registered Member
I think the best day of my life was when I bought my first DSLR camera...I didn't know how to use it then, but it didn't matter..I had one.


New Member
The best day of my life was when i got the degree of masters and it was great day for me and i was very happy on that day.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
Last weekend of September 2009. I've felt alive like I haven't felt for years. And I've been striving since to hold on to that feeling (sometimes unsuccessfully, sometimes not).


Sally Twit
Currently it's when I went to Paris with my boyfriend. There was one very special night where we were on a boat, looking at the beautiful city all lit up. And I called my mum and dad and screamed down the phone at them how amazing it was.

I look forward to the day my boyfriend proposes to me lol. If it ever happens I know it'd be the best day of my life.


yellow 4!
Well, I'm thinking any US road trip, particularly the very first one in texas ooorr the arizona/nevada/utah/cali one, disneyland/lapland as a kid, my 18th, going to the zoo with my mum. My favourite day is probably in there somewhere. I have no idea which though, or if there's better and it's slipping my mind, which is likely.
Also, seeing as you're still living - if you have a best day chosen and remembered - what sort of day do you think could top it? - If anything.
I think it can be topped easily. I'm a bit young to have all these 'milestone days'.


Problematic Shitlord
People can call me sappy . . and that's fine.

The best day of my life, so far, was with my ex back in the summer of '07 and we were up in Maine with my family. We were only 5 months into our relationship and we were having the times of our lives. Everything went right that day. We saw shooting stars on the dock at night, just the two of us looking out over the lake. We got somewhat risque and decided to have sex by the lakeside at midnight and it was as we laid near the shore that I told her I loved her.

She smiled, laughed and said, "I do too . . I've been saying it to you while you slept the past few weeks."

Nothing else has come close so far.