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The best anime video's.

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-_- YouTube...

I really hate them because they take away traffic from where the high quality versions are (animemusicvideos.org), and most of the time the people that upload them steal the credit for themselves. Someone uploaded on of my videos there, but was nice enough to give me credit. This is almost never the case, though. Just my 2 cents.

Also, these aren't the best, these are really quite mediocre (the two you listed, the other is just a search title). I'd go to the site that I gave you if you want to see some really good videos.


Yes SOAD2k8 is Right but YouTube is a good place to get cool vids but you have to wait for a long time to watch the vid which are long...clearly...non-stop


Yeah. So far those are some good videos. I do wish YouTube was a bit better better in video quality though.


I try to post mine in both places. Considering I have 3 videos that aren't anime, YouTube is a good place to post those.


(shamelessly borrowed from a fellow MT)

Animemusicvideos.org just recently listed all of the winners of their annual picks of the best AMVs of 2005, which were all voted by all members of AMV.org (including me, but I just leech. :p) so here they are by video and what catagory they've won:
(And of course to download these, you will need to have an account at AMV.org, which is free, but there's a waiting period beforehand)

- Best Dramatic Video
- Best Sentimental Video
- Most Artistic Video
- Video of the Year

Still Preoccupied with 1985
- Best Character Profile
- Best Comedy Video
- Best Fun Video
- Best Parody Video

Phenomenon (Open Your Soul)
- Best Action Video

FMA - Always Hardcore
- Best Dance Video

Dead to the World (Story of the Antichrist)
- Best Horror Video

Waking Hour
- Best No-Effects Video
- Best Romantic Video

Living in Sin
- Best Trailer Video

Naurtos Technique Beat
- Best Instrumental Video
- Best Use of Visual Effects

Quid Pro Quo
- Best Lip-Sync Video

AMV Hell 3: The Motion Picture
- Best Multi-Editor Project


Likes snow
Nestor said:
(And of course to download these, you will need to have an account at AMV.org, which is free, but there's a waiting period beforehand)
That's been gone for over a year now.
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