TV The best and worst.


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What do you think is the worst and best TV shows in history.

The worst is probebly neighbours and home & away:sick:
And the best is Coupling, you have to watch this.:lol:


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I'd say the best is Seinfeld. I'm not sure what the worst is though because I don't watch enough TV to have watched many bad shows. I've seen some stupid stuff though but I'm not sure what it was. I usually just change the channel if I don't like something.


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The worst TV show has to be Dick and Dom in da bungalo. In the UK it's just the worst thing to come to kids TV. I remember back when I was a kid and we had live and kicking and SMTB live, but now they bring this rubbish out its terrible.



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The best: Heroes.

The worst: Scarred. This show is basically just people getting hurt. That's all. People getting hurt and bloody cuts.