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Question The best and worst school years of your life?


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Have any of you ever felt like you just had one of the best school years of your life, only to eventually encounter the worst one ever later on? Well, here's mine:

BEST: 1994-95 (2nd grade)

WORST: 1998-99 (6th grade)

How about you?


It's not me, it's you.
Hmmm...I'm not sure here. I think my worst would either be 1st, 3rd, or 6th. 1st because I was made fun of because our family was poor...3rd because my divorced parents decided to let my sister and I live with my father that year (my step mom at the time was horrible, have a different one now) or 6th because of bullying.

I would say my best was around 10th or 11th grade. I had a lot of friends (was actually voted wittiest my graduating year) got some contacts and had my braces taken off, and started getting more attention. lol


Best? Third grade. I had a few girlfriends, was the class clown & enjoyed the shit out of recess.

Worst? Ninth grade. I had to change schools, I hated the new school, & had to deal with complete idiots.

Everything inbetween & after were okay.


Sally Twit
My worst was my very last year of high school because my friends and I began to drift apart, and I also had some horrible fallouts with people I thought I could trust.

My best was probably year 9 of high school because I tried really hard that year to impress some of the teachers. I also had a lot of fun times with my best friend at the time during that year. We were in a lot of classes together and would have as much fun as possible without getting told off.


aka ginger warlock
Top of the list straight away for me would be secondary school (high school in the US), I truly believe that the only reason teenagers were sent to this higher education was to make them feel awful as all I remember about secondary was being stressed, angry, upset, depressed and never discovering what one does to attract the opposite sex so yeah, secondary can piss off as far as I am concerned including all the people I shared it with.

My best experience was at college when I was in my early twenties. I went to a college that more focused on vocational skills instead constantly studying and teaching you things of how to make it in the world of employment. I met some of the greatest people mainly because we were all there for the same reason and I miss those days even now.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Third grade was pretty awesome since I had an amazing teacher, best I ever had. Also, I enjoyed twelve grade because that was my last year out of that dump.

I had a couple of bad ones, mostly seventh and eight grade since I barely paid attention to my teachers and got caught for doing some stupid shit in class.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
2nd grade was the worst for me because I got into trouble alot because of the people I hung out with. But couldn't get in THAT much trouble because hell, I was 7 haha

Best was college for sure. High school was fine but college was where I broke out of my shell and became the person I am today.

And it was fun.


I ♥ Haters
I went to a private school, so Grade 12 was my favorite year. A) It was my last year in that hell-hole and B) The last few months of the school year was the best time to be a senior. All the fun shit happened in that time frame like year book meetings, the annual ski trip, annual dance, multicultral day, sports day etc.

Everything after Grade 5 was awful. The worst was Grade 8. I think it was the transition from elementary to high school that was the toughest part. All that time trying to fit in with the cool crowds... what waste of time and effort. Now that I think back on it, it seriously wasn't worth it. I could've put that energy towards something more productive.


Son of Liberty
My best was actually all of my middle school. So for me I'd say 7th & 8th (97-99 I think?).

The reason being was, prior to 6th grade I was your typical class nerd. The kid that got picked on, spit on, made fun of, treated poorly, went home and lied to my parents about how "good" my day was and then felt like utter shit for how pitiful things were going for me. Imagine your typical nerd, I was the shortest kid in class, had the typical nerdy hair cut, braces, huge coke bottle glasses. I was a train wreck that caught the attention of every bully you could imagine.

Then 6th grade happened.... and that magical thing called Puberty started kicking in. I went from being the shortest & skinniest to one of the tallest and the strongest over the course of a summer break. My optometrist allowed me to switch from Glasses to contacts (because my prescription was going to make my glasses way to huge). I started playing sports and dominating at them, basically... I just started growing up.

So when 7th & 8th grade rolled around, I was one of the top Baseball & Football players at our School. The coaches loved me, people I didnt know knew me, Girls were actually interested in me. High school was good, but I'll always remember my 7th & 8th as being my favorite time in school because of the rags to riches story I felt I had in my social life. I believe what I experienced in those years really shaped who I am today in every way.

My worst would have been 3rd grade, which was about 94 or so. Alot of things just went bad that year. And while I was only 8 or 9... it was one of the few times in my life where I would have preferred to have just been dead. My grandma, whom I was very close with passed away. Then I'd been in a car accident on the way to school, which left me with a few noticeable scars that embarrassed me. I was just otherwise going through the toughest time I'd ever experienced.


Hmm it's hard to say, I was never really a fan of school. My least favourite year was year 12, which is the final year of High School in Australia. There is so much pressure and stress built up on everyone in that year, and so much work that students hardly get a chance to sleep. Everyone is on edge the whole year and it was a common sight to see students randomly bursting into tears in the library. As for my best years well, that's hard to tell. None of them really stood out for me.