PC Games The beginning of the end?

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Shawk, Nov 18, 2005.

  1. Shawk

    Shawk Registered Member

    So, a new expansion...

    Do you think this will be the end of World of Warcraft?

    Just like every other game that tried to revive their game by giving it an expansion just to destroy it even more...

  2. Pianobone

    Pianobone Registered Member

    I don't know. I've played WoW for a while through the generosity of a friend who pays for his account but never plays. Anyway, I have been pleased with all of the updates the game has had so far.

    Blizzard is good about continually updating their games. As soon as someone finds a cheap way to expliot a glitch, they will fix it. That needs to be done especially in an MMORPG.

    I haven't played WoW too much recently though, because my buddy's account expired and I don't want to pay for it. Greatest free game I've ever played, lol.
  3. Gamechamp

    Gamechamp Registered Member

    I've never even played it. Too much money to pay monthly. If it really WERE ending, that would suck. I'd never even be able to try it out before it becomes that old thing nobody plays.
  4. huskerman007

    huskerman007 Registered Member

    Thats the same for me. I hope there are more also I would like to play a new new one.
  5. compudoc

    compudoc Registered Member

    I played it for awhile and dont think it is going anywhere for quite some time. An expansion is just great. Can no longer afford the monthly bill though so have resorted to conquer online (its free). The game is fun but in no way compares to WOW.. if you can afford it you'll likely enjoy it.
  6. ltk9492

    ltk9492 Registered Member

    yeah i got the demo and it was good and all, but i don't know i didn't like it. the original warcraft was better.
  7. Rayzn

    Rayzn Registered Member

    People seemed well satisfied with the updates they are adding. I guess we will have to wait and see. If I hear good things about it I might buy it but I heard World Of Warcraft is very time consuming and I don't have the time right now.
  8. dk_rare

    dk_rare Registered Member

    The Sims? Say what you like about The Sims, it has almost no competition so without the expansions there would be no new gameplay elements or options. The expansions are silly in numbers, for sure, but if they were pointless or bad people wouldn't buy them.

    There isn't much competition to WoW in terms of what it offers, people will buy the expansion and I guess they will like it. I've never played WoW myself.
  9. thehiddenking

    thehiddenking New Member

    I really would hate to see the game end prematurely. I tried it on a guest account and really liked it. It was the first MMORG I've tried since that disasterous episode with Everquest. The only reason I am not a participating player is that I can't afford the monthly charge. Otherwise I would be on it in a second. Actually, it's probly better I can't. Form the little I've played I can tell it would be one that would steal my life and I'd really like to keep my scholarships. Alas, the life of a college gamer!

    Plotting my return to power,
    The Hidden King
  10. Teorropy

    Teorropy Registered User

    Yeah, I love RPGs and most of my friends are playing and love it. I am just torn between paying for it monthly or using the money else where.

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