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The Beatles


Sultan of Swat
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I know we've had a few of these in the past, but we haven't talked about them for a while. I decided to create a new thread about them, where all Beatles fans can come here and share their favorite songs, favorite moments, favorite band member, pretty much anything that is related to them.

Side note: Please don't just post songs, if you do post a song, please list an explanation on you enjoy it.

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Well, I love The Beatles mainly because their the pioneers of Rock n Roll music. And Paul McCartney is an animal rights activist, therefore I admire him even more.

That aside, My favorire song has from them has to be "A Hard Days Night." And just about anything from John Lennon, as a solo artist. (Can't post the music video since I'm in class :D)


Better Call Saul
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I actually just listened to a TON of Beatles songs yesterday on the way home from Cincinnati. Me and my family have been obsessed with them since I was a kid and obviously my parents longer then that.

I've always liked George the best though. Paul, John, Ringo...they were the popular ones and George was always an after thought. So I gravitated to him as my favorite since he was awesome on the guitar and shunned by everyone.

I mean I get it. Paul is a lefty so he's awesome, John has an amazing voice and Ringo, well, he's annoying but that's besides the point.

I don't really have a favorite song per say...I like way too many. I still say they are the best band of all-time and revolutionsized music as we know it. I'll never stop listening to them.


Sultan of Swat
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To me The Beatles were one of the greatest bands of all time. Their music was so influencial, really well written.

My favorite band member was always John Lennon, he was born to compose music. It's a shame that he died at such a young age. Just "Imagine" the other great things he could of written if he was still alive today.

Ringo gets a lot of "bad rep" since he's always been compared to John, George and Paul, but in all honesty he was just as important as the others in my opinion.

Overall, they were just an incredible band, four amazing talents put together. I don't know if we'll ever see a band of that nature ever again.


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I think Rubber Soul is one of the best albums of all time. I love the dynamic they had going with Brian Wilson, competing to make the best album ever. They really brought the best out of each other.


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"Let it Be" is one of my favorite songs from the Beatles, I like the simple smooth melody it has with the piano and the fact that it's one of their later songs when they're more grown up and mature that they made it. It's a calming song to me, I love the rendition of it in the movie Across the Universe!

"Come Together" is another favorite of mine, I simple like the whole musical pierce of the song. It's awesome and unique. Plus, and awesome song to sing for Kareoke, lol.



still nobody's bitch
I liked The Beatles quite a bit when I was younger, then I kind of stopped listening to them. Recently a friend of mine sent me a copy of a CD that he made for his kids, with a lot of the more mellow Beatles' tunes for them to go to sleep to. My daughter listens to it every night and it's given me a new appreciation. Currently my favorite is Norwegian Wood. I like its simplicity. We also listen to the last few tunes on Abbey Road over and over (and over and over).

George was always my favorite because he reminds me of my dad.

John was a pretentious asshole. I listen to that damn song of his - the one about "they're gonna crucify me" and I want him to come back to life so I can punch him in the face.


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This is my favorite Beatles song lately.
I've just been thinking about John Lennon and how influential his music is. It's like major Zen thankfulness for the Beatles. This song too makes me think about darkness, and shadows, and how the darkness can be so soothing, and how light may not exist without it, or at least of how they're interconnected.

YouTube - The Beatles - Blackbird
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Do What Thou Wilt
George Harrison was definitely my favorite Beatle. I highly suggest to anyone to pick up the "Concert For George" DVD or CD. Paul, Ringo, Eric Clapton (who was a good friend of George, and he also played the guitar on "While My Guitar gently Weeps), Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers (he played with George in the Traveling Willburies), Jeff Lynne, and countless other great musicians, doing awesome covers of George's songs.

I read an excellent biography of George a couple times called "Here Comes the Sun" which aims to primarily document George's spiritual journey. HE was a HUGE Religious dude, Adopting Hinduism during his trips to India. he met the Dali lama, and countless Hindu gurus. Most of his musical work for and after the Beatles centered around his beliefs. "Something" and "Within You Without You" were influenced by Hindu beliefs.

Needless to say, my favorite Beatles songs were written by George. "Something" and "Old Brown Shoe" definitely top my Beatles Favorites list.

However, just a couple of months ago, Paul mcCartney played at the White House as he won the the Gershwin Prize. Jack White did an awesome cover of "Mother Natures Son" (albeit unorthodox (because he is one unorthodox guy (But a brilliant guitarist)))

YouTube - IN PERFORMANCE AT THE WHITE HOUSE | Jack White "Mother Nature's Son" | PBS

Did you see what he did their? Hahaha
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