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Movies The Bat Signal


aka ginger warlock
This is not meant to be a damnation of the the Batman Films in anyway but it is something that occurred to me the other day. To my knowledge the Bat Signal was put in place to indicate when something was not right or that the Commissioner needed help with something such as a crime. Now this is a good idea in principle except for a couple of things in my mind:

1 - If the Bat Signal showed this then surely it was a perfect chance for the bad guys to know when Batman was on his way, also, any criminal worth his salt could figure out the source of the light and have the place bugged or set the Batman up to fake it in some way.

2 - The signal went to a very specific portion of the sky. This bugs me in the same way as when Fox Mulder used to be the X in masking tape on his window to indicate he needed to speak with X, in theory this is a great idea except what if say Batman was indoors? Or looking the other way? The Commissioner could be waiting hours only for Batman to show up and say "sorry but I was in the cinema and didn't realise it was on"

I know this is only a film and I know I am probably being a little to over critical but things this bug me as someone who writes scripts and wants them to be as meticulous as possible.