the barry dunham story

the barry dunham story

-by vladimr budney-

old quotation ::: "if we look for trouble in the past, we may find the same trouble in the future." by IVAN SKOVORODOVSKI philosopher

very recently, on 24th of july, 2008, mr. barry dunham made what is now called "his berlin speech". mr. barry dunham is the next presidential candidate from the democrat party, USA. it is noteworthy that his choice of speech platform and speech topic showed no change for the future. mr. dunham's berlin speech is only a continuation of the speeches of both kennedy (1963) and regan (1987); in fact it is not very different from truman (1948) or churchill (1948). we may ask. ?is mr. dunham becoming more conservative or libervative? or; does he not know.

what was the trouble back in 1948 which mr. barry dunham does not want to change; or even forget. ?would it not be a change to forget? yes, we could all forget the troubles of 1948 and the cold war. ?does he remember that the berlin airlift was the start of the cold war, the east block and the west block? however the ending of the cold war began in 1984, with the voluntary changes of the east block. by 1989, the cold war was really over. only revisionists believe that the cold war had a "winner" and a "loser". clearly; the cold war ended by voluntary consent of almost all of the east block communist leadership. BUT mr. dunham still wants to talk some more about the berlin air lift. it is very clear that he does not have the slightest.

in 1945, at the end of world war two, part of germany was liberated from the nazis by the anti-nazi german red-army of walter ulbricht. they had been the german alternative government in exile. they became the german peoples democratic respublic, or the GDR. at first berlin was a part of the GDR, then the west block forced themselves into west berlin. the west block also formed the german national republic, or "west germany". the west germans were not from any war time alternative government, walter ulbricht was the only anti-nazi alternative german government. many revisionists do not accept this fact. the force and power of the west came from the threat of atomic weapons, as those which had been used in japan.

in 1948, the GDR objected to the continued military occupation of west berlin and closed all land connections to west germany. west berlin was blockaded by the GDR, with support from the east block and all international communists. the USA continued contact with west berlin by using air craft. the GDR could have attacked the USA air crafts with anti-air craft artillery; however that would have started world war three. the important point here is that the berlin air-lift was not an action of "everyone all together", as mr. barry dunham seems to believe. the supporters of the berlin air-lift were not all the world; it was only the west block. it was not the family of chancellor merkel, her family had volunteered to move out of west germany to the GDR. it was not even all of the USA. it was certainly not the black-americans who were being segregated by jim-crow laws, the berlin air-lift did not offer civil rights and equal jobs. the berlin air-lift was just an example of global USA military power. it is revisionism which ignores that the GDR was originated in the only anti-nazi german alternative government of walter ulbricht.

in 1948, the USA government objected to the blockade of west berlin by the GDR. BUT, there were americans who did not support the air-lift; in fact they supported the GDR blockade, because they understood that the GDR was the only representative of the germans who had fought against hitler in world war two (as far back as spain and the 11th brigade). ALSO, there was no objection to segregation of black-americans by the USA government. it is revisionism which made those persons (such as mr. dunham) who are so brainwashed that they do not know these facts. it must be totally certain that not one black-american victim of lynching was ever as proud of the berlin air-lift as mr. barry dunham. (mr. dunham sees himself as a white-american, being a black-radical is only his job; he is paid very well for it) quite a few of the black-american victims of lynching were world war two veterans who were lynched because they had photographs of themselves posed with european women. the west block did not object to segregation and lynching, but the communist party did. after world war two, there were a few veterans of the 15th international brigade of the spanish civil war living in north america. they were the first to march for civil rights anywhere in the USA. they had fought alongside of the 11th brigade, the 11th had become the german red-army and later the GDR. YES, it is quite clear that the early civil rights marchers did not support the expulsion of walter ulbricht from west berlin; they did not support the berlin air-lift. ?does mr. barry dunham know any of this as well as he knows the rock and roll at his rallies?

?? does mr. barry dunham know anything about berlin in 1948, or the USA in 1948 ?? NO !!!!!!! it seems that he does not. ?what could he know? he could know that it is best to forget all the past about 1948, and just not even mention it, and most of all, not make great rousing "berlin speeches", especialy if one is claiming and planning to make a great change in the USA. however mr. dunham is not forgetting the past; he is going out of his way to look for trouble in the past. it is quite certain that mr. dunham shall find the same trouble in the future. because mr. dunham is praising the USA policy of making threats of atomic war, he may find that same trouble in the future. because mr. dunham is praising the USA policy of cold war, he may find that same trouble in the future. we could all see that somehow the problems of global warming do overcome all other problems. BUT mr. barry dunham does not have time to concentrate on global warming, he is very much too busy still trying to win the cold war and punish the enimies of hitler for doing it on their own long before the USA ever dreamed about it. ?who was right and who was wrong in the berlin air-lift? it would seem to be much too late to discuss it. but not for mr. barry dunham.

mr. barry dunham does not qualify to be president of the USA because of his uncalled for and inappropriate speech in berlin. such a speech does not show any changes for the future of USA foreign policy. such a speech is only an imitation of politics.

the author invites any discussion about his comments.
vladimr budney