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The Bad Boss Thread


still nobody's bitch
share your horror stories of bad bosses.

My former boss (Fathead) got in trouble for shorting people on their overtime. He only paid them straight time for their overtime hours, and told them that he used a "formula" that was given to him by the Union local to calculate their hours. Someone finally reported him to the Department of Labor and they did an audit, and he ended up having to pay a whole year's worth of overtime wages.


Babeasaurus Sex
My boss will cut corners left, right and centre.

He's always within the law (just) but if he can get away with not paying for something or cutting people down he will.

He promises payment for things and then takes it away. Even if that's a service or product the company is in possession of...


Registered Member
I feel like my managers fit in here for so many reasons. They're unreliable, and have no management skills other than "do what I say...'or else'". You can't reach them in case if an emergency. They play with your hours if you don't come in on your days off if they ask you to. I can't prove they are cutting overtime pay, but I'm pretty sure they are.


My old boss was a horrible person and cut corners wherever he could, he was probably breaking the law and money laundering.

- He never turned up to his office and just left his employee's trying to run his two businesses without him.

-We often had complaints from customers that we had to deal with and shady looking people coming off the street and yelling at us saying our boss owed them money. We had to try and deal with these people.

-He never paid us on time and when he did he sometimes gave some workers more than others just to annoy them, even though we did the same amount of work.

-He used to NEVER answer his phone, any of his phones. We once had a client try and contact him for 5 months without success. Yet when one of my coworkers addressed him about this he started yelling at him saying that he always answers his phone, even though each and every one of us knew that he doesn't.

-He was basically running all of his businesses into the ground, and his employees were suffering because of it.

-He used to bitch about the employees behind their backs to other employees, then turn around and do it again to someone else about the last person he spoke to.

-He left all of his work until the last minute, then would have us do all his own personal paperwork for him to try get him out of trouble.

-He used to accuse us of stealing really small stupid things even though he knew we didn't do it. He did it just to have an excuse to yell at us about something.

I could go on and on. In the end he stopped paying me altogether so I quit.


Problematic Shitlord
Honestly, my boss needs to seriously do one thing and one thing alone:

Give credit where credit is due.

He compliments nobody. Ever. It's a terrible work environment because nothing is ever good enough for him and in retail it's always a huge boost to know something is going right or to hear that as management you did a good job solving a problem or fixing something. But he never does. I'm really not exaggerating either. I've worked with him for 6 months and have never heard a single one. To me, that grounds to be removed, plain and simple.


rainbow 11!
Where do you work?

I have several people who I can classify as a boss. But on in particular, Steve, makes me want to punch a baby. One, I was standing at the time clock and he was around the corner in the office area. I could hear him and another team lead talking about all of the closers that night, myself included, and they weren't nice things. Hell, he said that Phil, a coworker who is wheel chair bound due to missing a leg, was one of the slowest workers we had.

He is in a fucking wheel chair! He works the fastest he can, always responds to back up, and even helps people load furniture into cars.

Then today I was supposed to run cosmetics and jewelry. that's it. I had a big list from my trainer and it was about forty minutes into my shift and I was working on completing all of the tasks.

He walks up, gives me three fucking endcaps to build that are NOT my department, but his, and then walks off. He shows up 20 minutes later and says he would help. But what does he do? He goes on a 15 minute break.

I was so angry. He basically kept me out of my department for 3/4s of my shift and I didn't even finish half of the stuff on the paper.


Registered Member
I've never had a 'good' boss lol, all my bosses wherever I've worked have been 'bad' (bad tempered, had bad attitudes, had bad breath even lol).


Registered Member
Bosses who cut corners are not only being unfair to their employees, but they make life harder for themselves as well.

If they weren't so cheap, they'd retain good employees, and those working under them would generally work just a little harder for them.

It doesn't take a brain surgeon to see this. But some people don't see the bigger picture.

Besides, if they go as far as cheating enough employees out of the money they earned, sooner or later they'll mess with the wrong person.


Registered Member
There's nothing more irritating than a boss who's so cheap that they "can't" give you a raise even though they're profiting a lot from their business in which you work real hard and are very competent.


When I was 15 I worked at a supermarket and you know did my job without complaining so my boss liked me. He started asking me to take on more responsibilities and I obliged because I expected to get more pay for being a good employee. Then I was on almost 12 hours day for two weeks straight in the holidays, I asked for a day off and he just gave me this blank stare.

Then when I got back I noticed that I was no longer on my normal schedule and had a ridiculously sporadic one. Like working till 9 one night then having to show up at 5 for prep the next day.

It's bosses like that who expect so much out of you but never ever give anything back that piss me off.