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Well this is originally VC_15...I re-registered because I forgot my password in my previous account and like a dumb ass I forgot all about the 'Forgot Your Pasword ?' thing.........Well anyways......:cool:

To those that want my introduction,here it is :

VC_15 said:
Most of ya'll most probably will be knowing m from M2 well lemme see....EX big time spammer....hm...ya thats what made me famous :D

So anyways I jsut truned 15 few days ago...... ::).....lol.....Really love to play basketball and one of the biggest VINCE CARTER fan....man he better than Michael Jordan ok ? <D.......no seriously .....lol

Anyway ya so thats about it... 8)


SenatorB said:
Here's what I said last time, oh master of the symbols...

Well heres what I said last time

VC_15 said:
Don't worry I'm going to post a lot....
And I got one problem......I didn't even subscribe to this thread.....and I get e-mails saying some one has psoted in your thread.....

Q: How do I alter my thread subscription options? I'm sick of all these notifications!
A: Step 1 (View and Change subscribed threads)
Go to Control Panel >
List Subscriptions > View all Subscribed Threads
- This will allow you to see all your subscribed threads. Select the ones you wish to change options for, scroll down to "Selected Threads:" and choose your option.

Step 2 (Change automation of subscribed threads)
Go to Control Panel >
Edit Options > Messaging & Notification (Scroll down to this section) > Default Thread Subscription Mode

Modify to your needs."


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Okay, we need a way to log other users out, just so we can force this guy to keep signing in with that ridiculous name XD


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Welcome back my riend, hopefully you'll be more active this time around, enjoy yourself and post as much as you can. I am sure your going to like this even more then the last one.