The Awkwardness of Introduction


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Hello Everyone,
I found myself here because sometimes I want conversation few people I know can provide. Interesting, original and possibly a little thought-provoking banter with people that won't (hopefully) slate my point of view. As happened in a previous Forum I was part of.

Anyway I'm anxious to jump right in, so I hope you all see my posts/threads around.
I feel pretty and witty and gaaaaay

and I pity

any giiiirl who isnt me today!!!!!


Welcome! Your gonna be cool, I can already tell.

Have you looked through the forums yet? Find anything your interested so far?


Do you play poker?


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Your enthusiasm and open arms warm my cold black decaying heart lol..

Yeah tons I've dabbled in the Philosophical debate of Determinism. Described the horrendous future of Technology for Humans in "What the Future Holds for Humanity". And allowed my budding interest in storywriting take a more comical twist in the Story by G.F.
Also sadly I'm not a poker player
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Hey welcome! So how did you find GF and what types of conversations do you like to get into? I'm sure you'll find plenty to keep you busy. :)


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I just google searched Forums.. twas relatively easy to do.
Anything, I like to attempt philosophical debates but i doubt my knowledge stretches are far as I'd like.. but basically anything and everything.. I'm not all serious I love a laugh just as much as an intelligent debate.

I'm not bored yet and I have a feeling I've only just scratched the surface