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Awesome The Awesome News Thread


I'm sure I've tried this before, but I've been away a while so I am rebooting the idea with the hope it gains some momentum. The world is constantly bombarded wit negative news. Tragedy, cruelty, war, famine, and death are always trending. Screw that noise. I'd like to see a little nook of the internet dedicated to good news... no... scratch that.... awesome news. It's good they've saved little Timmy from being stuck in the well... but it's awesome that they have developed a working cure for a disease that causes horrible suffering or death to thousands. It's good news that Fluffy was saved from the tree, but it's awesome news that a truce between long warring nations is holding and that both sides are finding some kind of common ground. I want to hear about things that are happening now or planned for the very near future that could have a positive global impact long term.

I don't have much right now to start off the awesome news thread. But I hope that doesn't deter anyone from participating. :)


Registered Member
I guess I can start. Some might remember a post I did in March about how I was bummed because my sister-in-law was pregnant but lost her baby due to an ectopic pregnancy. Unfortunately, she was pregnant a second time this summer and lost the baby again very early in her pregnancy.

But this time looks to be the good one. I'll officially be an uncle in July. Don't know the baby's gender yet but she's convinced it's a boy since she's having the same symptoms than her first-born. Obviously, everyone is ecstatic (some people in my family are a little bit overexcited and they're not even the parents!) so all we're hoping for is a healthy baby at the end of July!