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The Average MD Thread


Problematic Shitlord
Sounds epic, starts out great, then a blackout.



Beyond the MD threads, I'm curious to know what happened to the guy in the picture!!


Creeping On You


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Act 1, part 1: [OP] "I have posted this because I contain candid concern for this issue. Let's have a mature discussion and try to change hearts and minds or at least achieve the aforementioned awareness of this issue and perhaps a peaceful middle-ground."

Act 1, part 2: [OP Ally] "Hmmm, thank you for posting this--I heard about it recently. I could not believe my eyes when I read this. Think of the children.

Act 2, part 1: [Passive-Aggressive Bomber] "Are you serious? Well, perhaps if that's the world in which you wish to live we can all just kill ourselves now."

Act 2, part 2: [Counter-Bomber and/or OP Ally] "What the freak are you talking about?!?!?! That never happened, and that is such a ludicrous comparison.

Act 2, part 3: [Passive-Aggressive Bomber] "As a[n] {insert title that acts as prerequisite validation of Bomber's claim}, I'm just saying...and it's blatantly obvious. You obviously don't follow my logic and/or understand my point.

Act 2, part 4: [Anti-Bomber and/or Ally] "Oh no, hawh, hawh, hawh, nooo I understand you perfectly. No, you don't understand my logic, as it is superior.

Act 2, part 5: [Ally of Passive-Aggressive Bomber] "Hey..."

Act 2, part 6: [OP] "Can we go back to what I originally posted about?"
Act 2

Act 3, part 1:

Act 3, part 2: [Random Newb Bystander] "I'm making a serious and naive attempt to bring coherence and non-GF-jaded clarity into this discussion!"

[No one listens]

Act 3, part 3: [Mod] "GUYS! GUYS!!!!!...............boobs..."




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Landing hard and painfully seems to happen in the advice forum too. Yay GF.


blue 3
Holy de-evolution of MD thread batman. Very nice Stego.

Bro, ur just mad that my vocabulary is bigger than yours