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Discuss The average human hug last 3 seconds


Sally Twit
Time for a hug? You'll need three seconds - Telegraph

So, are you an average human?

When I say hello to someone with a hug it always lasts about 2 seconds I'd say. It's just a quick in and out job haha.
It's completely different when it's my partner, though. I'll stand there and hug him for 10-20 seconds, sometimes longer.


Registered Member
The average is skewed by long hugs. It doesn't mean the average person makes average length hugs (Math FTW).
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aka ginger warlock
It depends on who it is for me, some people I know like to be hugged, others I know don't. A couple of people I will pick up when I am hugging them as I know they are into it.

I think there is still a stigma that men can't hug other men. On Wednesday as Bliss knows my mum and dad came to see me, my father and I have always had a polite attitude but nothing more than that, we have slowly started shaking hands when departing but on this occasion he did hug me, it was very weird and I could tell he felt as uncomfertable as I did, I don't think I will be doing it again any time soon...


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I'll usually hug someone for about three to find seconds, some times longer if I haven't seen them in a really long time.

I will admit, I'm a hugger, I hug my friends, and my mother, I give my father a firm hand shake.


It's not me, it's you.
I'm not much of a hugger. When someone hugs me, I try to end it as quickly as possible. lol

Daddy didn't love me.


Registered Member
Most people don't hug me. I dunno, I must give off a "I'm a freak so don't hug me" vibe.

The only folks who do hug me are wifey (and those are usually epic in terms of longevity), and mumsy (our hugs tend to last at least ten seconds).

Otherwise, I'm a hug free zone with a stop watch, just waiting for a satisfyingly long hug!


I love to hug people but I don't get hugged as often as I'd like to.
I don't think my hugs lasts for more than 3 seconds though.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
That amount of time sounds about right I guess. I don't hug my guy friends or my Dad or well, dudes in general I guess, haha. Not that I'm weird like that but because we just don't do it.

Hugged my mom on Christmas...and the female cousins and my aunt. Just how it is on my family. Guys shake guys hands and guys hug the females.


A Darker Knight
3 seconds sounds about right. Just enough time to go in, hug, get out.

It may also be enough time to say "hi how's it going?" while you're at it. I'd say most of my hugs are 2-3 seconds tops. I just looked at my watch and 3 seconds is actually pretty long .


Creeping On You
I'm not a huge hugger. I tend to just do the quick hug thing and then escape lol. I like my personal space (unless its a girl and we're intimate, then the hug can last forever). My grandma likes to hug for a long time, and while I don't mind THAT much, she's really short and i'm really tall and the long hug hurts my back lol.