The asteroid that supposedly struck Sodom & Gomorra


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#1 - Researchers: Asteroid Destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah - Science News | Science & Technology | Technology News

Pretty amazing discovery don't you think?
I guess it remains quite a controversy whether or not this was really the event described in the biblical story of Sodom & Gomorra, but it has definately some major implications for our views on the history of mankind.

If there indeed was an impact of an asteroid the size described by the researchers, then its effects on the civilizations at that time must have been enormous. From cities being destroyed to complete cultures being annihilated. If Thera was responsible for destroying Crete, then surely this disasters' impact could have been responsible for the destruction of much of the Mediterranean society at that time.
I have learned in college that all the major civilizations of this world date back to about 3000b.c. If there was an impact at around 3120b.c. then it is quite likely that the level of civilization was higher before this date than just afterwards..

Furthermore, what I find equally fascinating is that the Maya long count-calendar starts at the 11th of August of 3114b.c. The date of the sighting of this object in space is June 29 in the year 3123 B.C, just 9 years earlier.. Taken into account that the object still had some time to travel, it's not at all such a crazy idea that the Mayans took the date of impact as the start of their calendar.
These dates give us quite an outreach to date other historical events. If this was indeed what destroyed Sodom & Go then we have another marker on the timeline of the bible that we can use to date other events described in these texts.. A great opportunity. :cool: